Your Personal Power Determines Your Destiny & Your Quality of Life

“I have a strong desire to share a message that I wish someone would have shared with me when I was a child. You have an energy of light inside of you that is often referred to as a soul/spirit or higher self. It is an important aspect of your physical, mental and emotional existence on this earth. This light inside of you is your personal power and can lift you out of the darkest places and help others remember their light.”

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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet:
Stories of Awakening

2020 has been a year of great change globally, nationally, and personally. I have had a steady flow of people who are experiencing a great shift in their soul’s knowing. I released this book, “Coming out of the Spiritual Closet”, on August 2, 2020, to help people understand the spiritual changes within. I remember when I was shifting in 2012, I felt alone and confused when weird things started happening in my life. Little did I know that my trip to Peru in 2012 was the beginning of a journey to a spiritual awakening that would lead me to becoming a Cosmic Shaman and Spiritual Teacher.


Online and teleconference classes provided. Classes cover many needs, including aligning with your soul’s purpose, crystal energy balancing, receiving guidance and support from angels, and more.

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Energy Management

Private one-on-one sessions. Chakra Healing and Activation, Channeled Reading, Relationship Cord-Cutting and Healing, and Soul Empowerment sessions available, scheduled at available times that work best for your schedule.

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Sacred Circle

Offering 90 minute group session: a New Moon meditation focusing on clearing, renewal, and manifestation of energy, and a Full Moon meditation focusing on clearing, activation, and healing of chakra energy.

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Spiritual Development

Learn to channel your guardian angel and/or Master Teacher Guide. This session teaches you how to learn to hear, feel, sense, and receive the messages that are necessary for easy and graceful alignment with your soul’s purpose.

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