About Dr. Wendy Empowers

Wendy M. Perrell, EdD.

Soul-Empowerment Coach, Celestial Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author

“Your Personal Power Determines Your Destiny”

Wendy M. Perrell, EdD., Soul-Empowerment Coach has the mission to awaken people to their light and empower each soul to feel confident to fulfill his or her soul’s purpose. As an entrepreneur and owner of We Empower Consciousness LLC, Dr. Wendy Perrell has over a decade of experience as a channeler, life and soul coach, teacher, celestial shaman, light language interpreter and orator, and energy healer with crystalline light language healing therapies. Dr. Wendy channels the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and The Galactic Council. She assists people to hear their soul’s messages, know and work with their angelic guides, heal physical and emotional traumas, and become empowered to take the necessary steps towards their soul’s calling.

Before expanding her soul coaching business to individuals throughout the world, Wendy’s professional life began with a twenty year career in the United States Air Force, followed by coaching for military, executives, corporations, physicians, teams and small businesses since 1998. Wendy is a professional speaker and published author, holds a Doctorate in Education, as well as numerous certifications and accreditations in coaching, leadership assessment, mediation, and Contemporary Shamanism, to name a few. Full list is available at www.drwendyempowers.com.

Channeling the Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Galactic Council, and other high vibrational beings, Wendy has the ability to read the energetic blocks in the human body and helps facilitate healing physical ailments, chronic pain, and disease. She teaches people to break karmic patterns and provides clients with tools and resources to remove energy blocks that are keeping them from reaching their full potential and soul’s purpose.

Dr. Wendy works with people of all ages both in-person and virtually via phone and video. She holds bi-monthly group guided meditations online, teaches various 6-week soul empowerment courses throughout the year, provides individual sessions, crystal classes, annual retreats, and speaking engagements.

Wendy gives back to the community by teaching spiritual development classes to community meet ups and co-op opportunities and volunteering. Dr. Wendy enjoys traveling with her husband, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, discovering new crystals, writing, walking Jack (the “Zen dog”) and playing with her grandchildren.

A Message from Dr. Wendy Perrell:

I have a strong desire to share a message that I wish someone would have shared with me when I was a child. You have an energy of light inside of you that is often referred to as a soul/spirit or higher self. It is an important aspect of your physical, mental and emotional existence on this earth. This light inside of you is your personal power and can lift you out of the darkest places and help others remember their light. The light of your soul is the most powerful aspect of your beingness and connects you to God/Great Spirit/Universal Love.

I wish for you to honor the light of your soul, for in your soul’s energy you will recognize your power and purpose this life time. I believe your personal power determines your destiny and quality of life. Too often I have witnessed people feeling lost during their life’s journey because they were not aware of the light within. It is important that you take time to come to know your soul’s energy and light so that you can fulfill your soul’s purpose. For when people choose to fulfill their soul’s purpose they began to experience inner peace, unconditional love, joy, abundance, prosperity, miracles and magic. I want you to experience this as well.
At first it will feel strange and even challenging to stop, breathe and learn to recognize your soul’s power and light. I want you to take time out of your busy life to reflect on who you are on the inside. I desire you to come to know the unique gifts and talents within your soul; those pieces of you that you keep hidden because you fear judgment. I encourage you to understand how to use these gifts to serve humanity and know how powerful you really are in your light.

I feel it is necessary for all beings to come to know the light of their soul. I believe that once you understand the power of your soul, you will find a way to shine your soul’s light for all to see. Your soul will shine brightly when you step into your power and honor your unique gifts. When you shine your light, you become an example for others to rise and shine their light.

Don’t be afraid of your light, for it will become a beacon of light for others who may be lost. There will be many beings waiting for you to step into your power, so they can find their way out of fear and darkness. You will become a mentor to others and help them release their fear so that they may shine brightly for another to see and experience. For the true circle of life is for you to live, learn who you are as a powerful soul and then let the outside slip away as you radiate your light. As you recognize the inner power of your soul, you will become the teacher, mentor and way-shower for other souls.

Your soul light, my soul light, and every soul light are meant to come together in a powerful ring of light so that we shift the energy of this world. When you join your light with others you become part of a healing solution to the inhabitants on the earth. When you honor the power of your soul’s light, you will join others who will radiate pure positive light onto the planet, and darkness and fear will fade away.

When you come to know the power of your soul, you will notice how your soul will help you navigate your earthly path. Your soul will lead you towards blessings, joy, success, peace, prosperity, and unconditional love. I desire you to feel the freedom of this life. Life is simple when you honor the powerful light within and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

I want you to enjoy the beauty of the earth, this journey and the people you meet. I wish for you to experience whatever your heart desires. I encourage you to align yourself with your soul’s purpose, so you can experience freedom and the power of being connected to God/Great Spirit/Universal Love.

As you become aware of the power of your soul, you will begin to understand you can achieve anything your heart desires. My greatest wish is for you to know that your personal power determines your destiny and quality of life. The light within your soul is your greatest personal power. Decide today, to let step into the power of your soul and let your light shine.