Services with Dr. Wendy


Online and teleconference classes provided. Classes cover many needs, including aligning with your soul’s purpose, crystal energy balancing, receiving guidance and support from angels, and more.

Align with Your Soul’s Purpose
Crystal Energy Balancing
Master the Art of Receiving Guidance and Support from Angels
Soul Guidance and Inner Fitness
Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle

Spiritual Development

Learn to channel your guardian angel and/or Master Teacher Guide. This session teaches you how to learn to hear, feel, sense, and receive the messages that are necessary for easy and graceful alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Learn to Channel

Channeling & Healing Sessions

Soul Essentials that Empower, Heal, Activate and Tune Up All Your Energy Fields.

Energy Healing & Activation
Soul Empowerment Reading
Energy Cord-Cutting & Healing
Soul Empowerment

Sacred Circle

Offering 90 minute group sessions: a New Moon Meditation focusing on clearing, renewal, and manifestation of energy, and a Full Moon meditation focusing on clearing, activation, and healing of chakra energy.

Full Moon Meditation
New Moon Meditation

High 5 Soul-Empowerment Coaching Model (developed by Dr. Wendy)

The results of Dr. Wendy’s coaching, mentoring, and training experiences led her to develop the High 5 Soul-Empowerment Coaching Model, an exclusive program available only through Dr. Wendy Empowers.

Some of the proven results of using the High 5 Soul-Empowerment Coaching Model are as follows:

  • The Conscious Leader:
    • Maximized leadership potential and empowered, innovative teams
    • Inspiration to take the action to start new businesses, return to school, and get into alignment to fulfill your souls’ purpose
  • The Awakened Soul:
    • Acceptance of only healthy and fulfilling relationships
    • Ability to live in alignment with personal core values and life purpose
    • Develop your spiritual gifts
Learn More about Dr. Wendy’s High 5 Soul-Empowerment Coaching Model
Soul Coaching