Class: Crystal Energy Balancing

Crystal Energy Balancing: Class Details
*New Class Dates Coming Soon*


  • Online sessions


  • Ages 8 and up

Maximum Participants:

  • 22


  • $25 Per Class

Adults and children are naturally attracted to crystals. Crystals hold energy that supports healing, meditation, calming stressed nerves, anxiety, focus, balance, and grounding. This two-hour interactive lesson will provide a general understanding of how crystals can be used to strengthen and transform physical, emotional, and mental energy.

I use crystals during my sacred ceremonies and when helping clients hone their own personal power. Over the course of this lesson, I will provide an overview of how crystals can be used in the workplace and home, with animals and people. You will be able to feel the energy flow through your body during a “mini meditation” with the crystals and I will provide a brief explanation about those crystal and stone energies.

When working with children, I will gently guide each child to select a crystal or stone that catches their attention. I will then teach them how Earth’s precious treasures are natural healing tools and support their physical bodies and spiritual development.

Each participant will learn:

  • The general properties of seven common crystals
  • How to use the crystals to enhance and transform energy
  • How to select the right crystal to address personal and professional needs
  • How to meditate with crystals
  • How the Earth’s precious treasures support the physical and emotional body and can be natural healing tools