Class: Soul Guidance and Inner Fitness

Soul Guidance and Inner Fitness: Class Details
*New Class Dates Coming Soon*


  • Online and Teleconference Group


  • Ages 13 and up

Maximum Participants:

  • 8


  • Six-Weeks for $201

Have you ever wondered how you know or feel something even before you make a conscious effort to acknowledge it? Some people call it intuition or the “higher self,” while others call it “the innate.” We are all sacred and have a high-performing soul guidance system that is designed to help us fulfill our soul’s purpose with ease and grace. Your soul planned your arrival long before birth and the ego decided it was going to run the show after that. It’s time to take your soul back and tell your ego to step away so you can align yourself with the flow of life instead of feeling like you are swimming upstream all of the time.

This is a 90-minute course, taking place once a week for a total of six weeks. The course consists of a combination of lectures, discussions, experiential learning, and meditation that strengthen the participants’ spiritual knowledge and unique talents/gifts. It focuses on the soul’s plan, purpose, and guidance. Participants will learn how the soul’s plan is created, the guidance that is available, and how karma is necessary for the soul’s growth. They will also indulge in karmic lessons of the past and discover how to use these lessons to heal, grow, and fulfill the soul’s purpose. This training course is healing and transformative for the mind, body, and spirit, providing a solid foundation of understanding, and it allows participants to have clarity regarding their soul’s growth and recognize their light.

This course can be accessed anywhere. Participants receive a call-in number that allows them to join in a class call, which is recorded; they will have access to the recording for four months or they can download the call and keep it forever. Participants will also receive an email with ebooks, links, course notes and the recorded session to further enhance their learning experience.

Participants will learn:

  • What soul energy feels and sounds like
  • How to interpret their soul’s plan, messages, and lessons  
  • How to use the life and soul lessons to fulfill their soul’s purpose
  • How to minimize the ego and instead heed the soul’s guidance
  • How to use affirmations, visualization, and walking meditations to create inner fitness and clear up energy fields in order to maximize their energy matrices
  • How to open the heart chakra and develop one’s alignment with the soul’s purpose
  • How to understand and trust the soul’s guidance system and messages
  • How to use spiritual knowledge, gifts, and talents to shine light with ease and grace
  • How to use the soul’s guidance system to manage the ups and downs of life
  • How to heal and balance karma