Class: Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle

Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle: Class Details
*New Class Dates Coming Soon*


  • Online Group


  • Ages 13 and up

Maximum Participants:

  • 8


  • Six-Weeks for $191

The law of attraction determines that we manifest the thoughts and feelings that we dwell on the most. We are always encouraged to strengthen our brains and physical bodies; however, little attention is given to our spiritual muscles.

Spiritual master teachers, angels, and our soul knows what is needed to manifest a life filled with love, abundance, joy, health, and success. Taking time to focus on our spiritual muscles is necessary for the empowerment of our souls, as is the decreased focus on our egos. The ego causes us to concentrate on fear, lack, doubt, separation, and worry; this can leave us feeling depleted, confused, unworthy, unloveable, and powerless. Certain low-energy feelings such as these can result in physical and emotional deterioration.

Wouldn’t it be nice to strengthen your spiritual muscle, to connect with your spiritual team and higher self, and remember who you are as a powerful being?

This is a 90-minute course, taking place once a week for a total of six weeks. The course consists of a combination of lectures, discussions, experiential learning, and meditation that strengthen the participants’ spiritual knowledge and unique talents/gifts. It centers primarily on teaching each participant how to strengthen with their spiritual muscle, connect with their angels and master teachers, and synchronize your physical and emotional bodies with the highest vibrations.

Strengthening the spiritual muscle teaches people how to gain confidence, raise vibration levels, and increase the ability to manifest desires and dreams. This course will give participants the clarity needed to become strong and remain strong on their spiritual journeys while connecting to the highest vibrational master teachers. At the end of each class, they will walk away feeling confident in connect with their higher-self, angels and master teachers as they fulfill their soul’s purpose.

This course can be accessed anywhere. Participants receive a call-in number that allows them to join in a class call, which is recorded; they will have access to the recording for four months or they can download the call and keep it forever. Participants will also receive an email with ebooks, links, course notes and the recorded session to further enhance their learning experience.

This six-week training course provides a solid foundation for participants to learn and understand:

  • How to release stuck energy in the body
  • The essential connection between the soul, karma, and personal relationships
  • Simple techniques to raise your physical and emotional vibrations
  • How to choose foods and activities that resonate with the body and soul
  • How to heal harmful energy and strengthen your energy matrix
  • Simple affirmation and visualization techniques that strengthen the spiritual muscle
  • How strengthen and align your soul and ego
  • How to open the heart and develop a strong connection to the Angelic realms
  • Meditation and prayer techniques that amplify the ability to manifest positivity, connection, and peace
  • How to connect with Master Teachers that support your soul’s purpose