Energy Management: Channeled Reading Session

Channeled Reading Session: Session Details


  • Private online session


  • Ages 12 and up


  • Date and time are scheduled by the individual


  • $175 per session

I am honored to serve you as a spiritual liaison between the angelic realm and your physical life journey. Every person has a spiritual team of Angelic and Light Beings that are waiting to offer support and guidance. Your reading with Archangel Raphael and other Angels will be unique to your personal journey and you will speak directly to the Angelic Beings through me by asking questions and receiving guidance on how to move forward. The channeled readings will provide insight on how to get aligned with your soul’s purpose, how to develop spiritually and professionally, and gently begin to heal your karmic patterns of unworthiness, not being enough and feeling unlovable. All private sessions will be recorded. You may experience all or some of the following:

  • Clarity about moving forward on the path of your physical and spiritual development
  • Understanding your karmic patterns of unworthiness and not being enough
  • Surges of healing energy that flow into your chakras that are stuck or blocked
  • Motivated or inspired to fulfill your soul’s purpose
  • Amazed to see how the Angelic realm acknowledges your presence and values your Divine Light

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” “I was praying for your help and assistance with connecting with the Angels. I was blocked and now I am talking to them. This is life changing.”
— John C.

“My channeling session with Wendy was incredible. It was the first time I had channeled with my Ascended Master. The way Wendy guided me to connect was amazing. It was like a conscious meditation. She presented questions for me to ask and I got my answers. I felt calm and at peace. I felt my Ascended Master with me. It was an awesome feeling. Wendy is gifted, loving, caring and leads you to experience greater connection with the Angelic, Spiritual realms.”
— Necce C.

“I loved my session with Dr. Wendy! She has created a very sacred space inside her home. I was amazed at how much clarity was gained in just one session. With the help of the spirit guides she was able to help me see the infinite possibilities for my future and recognize the special gifts I have been given. I highly recommend doing a session with her!”
— Blair S.