Sacred Circle: Full Moon Therapy

Full Moon Therapy: Session Details


  • Online session


  • Ages 8 and up


  • Typically on a Sunday from 5 – 7 PM (See Schedule Below)


  • $25 Per Class

This is a 90-minute group class centered on the clearing, activation, and healing of chakra energy. It involves a full moon therapy session, during which participants will work with high-vibrational crystals, sound, light, and color to clear out stagnant energy blocks and surround their physical, mental, and emotional bodies with purely positive white light. Angelic Beings will energize and activate 128 chakras and each participant’s energy matrix, which will bring clarity, inner peace, increased intuition, joy, and vitality. Oracle card readings will also take place.

This is an excellent class for empaths who absorb others’ energies and are unable to manage their own energy fields. People report feeling inner peace, confidence, joy, and a profound connection to All That Is.