Wendy’s teaching brings my energy up to another level. I literally feel so incredibly happy after one of her classes. Pure happiness is how I feel afterwards. If you need change in your life, to find your purpose, and truly find a way to love yourself, she can help. I’ve never met anyone like her, Wendy is truly a blessing.“

Sarah O., Mount Pleasant, SC


“Wendy is a trusted mentor, teacher, and a true inspiration. Together, we dived into the stories we tell ourselves and the mental and physical toll they take on our bodies. The power of our own thoughts. The importance of remaining neutral while living without judgement. How to discover your own self-worth. The gift of being kind to ourselves and others. Understanding your soul’s purpose. Working with our loved ones here on earth and beyond. And most importantly, living from a soul level, the beauty in vulnerability, removing what no longer serve us, and shining your inner light in order to live your best life.”

Nicole H., Boston, MA


“After taking Wendy’s 6-week class, “Universe Is Your Dream Catcher” in October 2021 and incorporating what I learned into my daily spiritual practices, I doubled the size of my business just a few months later in January 2022.”

Katie, Charleston SC


“I have been going to Wendy for spiritual guidance for the past two years, and she has had a remarkable impact on my life, through individual readings as well as through a recent relationship cord-cutting and healing session. Whether it’s getting confirmation of those things I already intuit or providing guiding answers from high spirits that I most need at the moment, it has all helped me to achieve a greater peace and understanding as well as to further unlock my creativity. The cord-cutting has lightened me and freed me from the burdens that I don’t need to carry.”

Jeff P


“Four years ago when I first went to see Wendy, I was confused and afraid of what the future held for me. My journey with her since has been powerful and transformative. Wendy has the ability to meet you where you are on your path. Whether you are new to exploring yourself, or you are advanced in your intuitive abilities, she is able to connect with you as a soul in a personal way. Her ability to always be tapped in and turned on to the universe enables her to continually grow herself, which in turn helps strengthen her connection with you. Wendy is unique, grounded, and unafraid of her human existence. She stands firmly in her power and helps you do the same. With ease and grace she makes you feel comfortable, and helps you have a deeper understanding of who you really are and why you are alive. My life has shifted in a dramatic way from my extensive work with her. She has helped me understand my gifts and purpose while standing in my light as a powerful, practical human.”



“Dr. Wendy’s love and positive energy is so powerful, but even above that her mastery of teaching spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth go far beyond what our minds comprehend. Always giving you a number of tools to work with, Wendy’s techniques are the latest and greatest and ideal for what you’re working on or through at the time.”

Debbie E., Charleston SC